Ian Potter is the founder of My Fitness which is a successful Gym business in Guernsey.

As well as helping a huge number of people from all walks of life in Guernsey improve their health and fitness Ian has also received international recognition for his work with professional sports people. He trained Andy Priaulx during his spell as European and three times world touring car champion and Formula One world champion Jenson Button and currently trains Guernsey’s professional boxer, Bradley Watson, who aims to become a British Champion within the next 2-3 years.

Ian founded 'MY PT' which enables him to share his extensive knowledge on a global level to those wanting affordable programs that work and deliver the goals they choose. 

How Does Online Training Work?

Ian will build you a customised training plan upon accepting your information and payment. Your 'goal driven' workouts can be bought to the gym, outdoors or wherever you choose on your smart phone or tablet. Ian can review your progress and tweak your tarining plan as and when required. Sign up and start your online training today.